The Gong Temple

I work with the harmonic sounds produced by large gongs and related instruments for purposes of meditation and relaxation. I offer Sound healing for individuals, groups, and performances. I work with Yoga studios, spas and healing centers. My growing collection of large gongs includes Paiste and Meinl Planetary gongs. I supplement these with numerous Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, the Halo handpan drum by Pantheon Steel, the harmonium, and various  flutes.

The vibrations produced by large gongs have profound and penetrating effects on the mind and body. The body is stimulated by deep soothing vibrations, resulting in a hypnotic, trance-like relaxation. During the sound experience, the gongs not only generate constantly shifting harmonics themselves, but they also interact with each other, enhancing the sonic enviroment. This soundscape draws your attention to your innermost awareness. The past and future fall away, leaving only the eternal present moment.

Gonga Yoga

I work extensively with Yoga studios, providing musical accompaniment for classes and workshops. I often use the singing bowls and Halo handpan drum, Harmonium and flutes during an hour-long class. I play the gongs during a 30-60 minute Savasana period following.  Students and instructors with whom I have worked frequently remark that the sounds I produce promote healing. The integration of live harmonic sound with yoga is a very powerful centering force and more and more studios are embracing this model. I work with instructors to adapt my sounds to their style and pace.

Sound Healing for Relaxation and Meditation

One of the keys to enduring health is to stay emotionally and physically centered. Large gongs are powerful instruments for centering, and can cause spontaneous healing. My services include private and individual gong therapy sessions. I do not claim to have special healing powers myself. However, my 25 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, (incorporating energy work), have allowed me to develop great sensitivity and intuition. The powerful vibrations produced by gongs often have healing effects and many of my clients have experienced healing in individual sessions. I use The Gong Temple for this purpose. My client lies on a massage table, closely surrounded by gongs. I play the gongs to achieve the fullest and richest experience of the harmonic sound vibrations. The energy received by the body in close proximity to large gongs is deeply relaxing. The penetrating vibrations are felt throughout the body. Clients often report transcendent experiences, profound relaxation and healing. A Gong Temple session usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour. The Gong Temple is portable. Clients can come to me or I can travel to homes, offices, schools, healing centers, etc.


The Gong Temple Meditation

In collaboration with my former musical partner, RK of RK Gongs, I developed an hour-long Tranceformance piece called Harmonic Immersion: A Meditation and Sound Experience, which I have performed in venues across the country. I play my instruments in a continuous improvised performance that lasts about an hour, during which I explore the full spectrum of sonorities, all emphasizing harmonic sound, as I gradually build an intricate and rich energy field. The experience is like a journey through an uncharted soundspace. Each person will experience a unique personal journey. Relax, immerse yourself, and let your imagination take you along, as you ride the waves of sound energy.

Private Groups

I am available to provide my harmonic sounds for special events hosted by private groups, for ceremonial and sacred journeys, meditation, and spiritual gatherings.

More about The Gong Temple: 

I have played flute since 1970 and harmonium since 1987. I am passionate about kirtan and the transformative energy of musical vibrations.